Our History
Bikers Against Road Rage (BARR) was established shortly after September 18th, 2010 when the Dirty Bastards MC (DBMC), lost one of their brothers, Rico (AKA Ernie Santos)
Ernie and his wife, Elisa Santos, were out riding with other club members when, unbeknownst to them, they came upon two cars engaged in a road rage incident. This consisted of two groups of people that had a dispute in a parking lot at the Verandah Grill in Richardson TX. One of the vehicles, a white Mitsubishi Pickup left at the parking lot and was pursued by the driver of a black Lexus traveling northbound on US75. The two vehicles (per witness statements) were all over the road chasing each other when all of a sudden the white truck slammed on the brakes coming to a complete stop in the middle of US75 at the George Bush Turnpike. It was this action that caused the fatal accident taking Ernie and Elisa Santos from their 2 daughters, their family, and all of their friends.
DBMC then created a fundraising event and named it Bikers "Rocking and Revving" Against Road Rage to help raise money for Ernie and Elisa's two orphaned daughters. It was held March 19th, 2011. The event was such a success that the DBMC has put every effort to make BARR, a Foundation of support for EVERY Biker in the Biker Community.  BARR is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donate with confidence!
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